The Floor Lamp

WoodVision would not exist without light, all completed pieces are basically lamps as well. Mood lighting, which provides a pleasant light for conversations and cozy gatherings. The finishing on the wood changes the colour and the amount of the light shining through, therefore we have several choices when selecting the material for achieving different effects.

Moods...semi darkness...lights... As this slim WoodVision floor lamp scatters light in lace like patterns, we can almost hear the tales of 1001 Arabian nights. The geometric shapes dissapear, the design of the illuminated wood and the ornaments shine through.

The motifs were placed in the upper wooden layer of the WoodVision multilayered surface by laser engraving. The motifs can be selected from almost any source, since the effect will always be spectacular and breathtaking with this technique. This real wood lamp is suitable for any interior design styles and we can attune it with the textiles or wallpaper in our home. Its size and proportion can be unique, adapting to the space available. When used as an interior design element, a complex installation can be composed from more WoodVision pillars. The lighting of the pillar can of course be handled, dimmed and adjusted with the help of remote controlled LED strips.

Years of experience, research, experiments all resulted in the utilization of adequate amount of light sources and their prompt placement, so that the WoodVision surface can receive an appropriate amount of consistent light.

The results speak for themselves!

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