The 3D Supersite is a patented outdoor invention. Flyvision Trading LLC. Is the Exclusive rights and patent owner in the GCC countries.

Flyvision LLC. opens up new dimensions in outdoor with its highly innovative creations revolutionising the traditional practice and prevailing view in the out-of-home world. Our company offers an outdoor construction that "moves" , creates motion like effect without any electronic drive.

This is the first outdoor construction system in the world that creates a motion effect without any electronic equipment, making your experience fascinating and your advertising spectacular.

- It is well-known that moving images or instruments are generally far more effective than any other forms of advertising, since the viewer’s attention is automatically captured by impact of the moving.
- These mobile components are driven electronically.
- Such constructions are expensive in terms of investment and operation.
- Further they can easily be damaged or break down, thus the replacement or reparation is quite costly.
- The ultimate objective is to create a media tool that despite its giant format can evoke movement without any electronic or mechanical equipment in a very cost-effective way.


The moving image is formed by a main billboard and one or more 'modifying element(s)' that are placed and set up in a definite relation to each other. The result is that for the observer while approaching towards the board system (due the parallax effect) the movement seems to be real even though the images (boards or product representations) are fixed.

This product is original, and absolutely new.

First in the GCC, first in Dubai.